When the story begins you are taken back in time to 1957. Now, write a short account travelling forward to 2005. What was Christmas like that year for Carol, Jan, Joseph and Pavel. How do you find it different from today’s Christmas and how you spend it here?

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  1. Iñaki says:

    I think that in 2005 carol is with a red with white not so long dress and with a gold necklacke then she saw Jan and she ran shouting “Jan Jan” and then she ran in front of the bus and she woke up in the hospital with her husband Jan,Josef and Pavel singing christmas song. But she said “OH NO I’VE LOST MY CONCERT!” But Jan says “Don’t worry they reprogramed for tomorrow!” And thats what i think would happen

  2. Franco says:

    On Christmas 2007, Carol was rehearsing for a concert in Prague.
    The night before Christmas she had an accident and the man who helped her turned out to be the twin brother of her husband Jan. Paven, Jan and their father Josef were happy to meet again and they were invited to the concert.
    All together they enjoyed “Christmas music in Prague”.

    I celebrate Christmas with my family. Usually at my grandparents house with my uncles, aunts and cousins. We enjoy dinner and at 12 o’clock we open presents.

    There are big differences between Christmas as described in the story and mine.
    In Prague it is winter during Christmas, snow and cold. Another difference is that our country is in peace and we don’t need to run away.

  3. Mati Galmarini says:

    In 2005 jan,carol,pavel and pavel was like this:
    carol was walking in the street and she said “jan jan it´s me carol”she started to ran and she didn´t see the bus that was comeing and…PAFFF.The bus outrag carol then they took carol to the hospital.Then the condactor didn´t know where was carol and she said to alan to sarch her.He sarch at the hotel she was and she was not there.Then the condactor got to the hospital and carol didn´t recognized him.then pavel one of the man´s how saw the accident and call the ambulans go to see carol and jam and josef were there. then josef said to pavel thathe was his dad and he was the brother of jan and talk about chrismas in 1957.then carol feel beter and go to the orchestra.

    now chrismas is like this all the familis are runen and they celebrate the born of jesus. My chrismas like this :
    All the family are runen at my grand perents house and we wait at 12:00 o´ckloc´and we eat there.

    I hope you enyoied.

    Mati Galmarini

  4. luz mac says:

    in 2005 for the famili is like this:caqrol is arroyed for a bus pavel and jan discover that they are twins josef discover that pavel is alive and carol played the arp in the orchesta in the crismas consert and everyone happy . now in crismas i spend time with my famili and friends and we are all happy.

  5. Thomas says:


    In 2005 the christmas of Carol, Jan, Josef and Pavel was like this:
    First Carol saw his husband and ran infront of a bus and went to the hospital. Next
    Jan, Pavel and Josef went to hospital and talked about christmas in 1957. And they
    discovered that Jan and Pavel were brothers. Finally Carol played in the orchestra and
    all the family went.
    Now my christmas is like this:
    ‘I celebrate with all my family in one place. Some years it is in Norway and some years it is here. I celebrate with a party and all the family.

  6. mechibissone says:

    good job, Cata. I think you could have described a bit more…

  7. cata says:

    hello i think than in the chrismas of 1957 carol has a long dress . Then, they hert music whit a music repoductor. In 2005 chrismas they heart music with a cd player and carol has a dress no so long .then carol and jan could have a baby, i think.
    good bie

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